Matthias Ristl
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 7161 50 49 4-0



 Mr. Ristl has gained for more than 20 years experience in the field of the post press market.

For a long time, he was working worldwide as a technician at the company Hörauf. 2001 he founded MHS Graphics, where he took over the technical and sales responsibility for the trade and service of graphic machines for the manufacturing of office filing systems, directories, calendars and other post-press products.

In 2010 the company Herima was founded. In addition to the consistent development of the above areas, Herima is also engaged in the in-house production of special machines for the lever arch file and paperboard industry.

Through the neighbourhood and good contacts with major manufacturers such as Bielomatik, Hang, Hörauf, Kugler-Womako and Widmann, we can offer specific machines in the condition "as is" up to "general overhauled with 6 months guarantee".

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