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Bielomatik P 590-45 1981 Bielomatik Exercice Book line Type P-590-45

1 x Reel Stand with core diameter 75 mm
Printing Tower 2/2 width max. 720 x 1120 mm
Cross Cutter
Collecting and Counting
1 x Mabeg Sheet Feeder
Discharge viva Deep Pile
Wire Stitching 80 cycles/min with 10 Hohner Stitching heads
Folding Station
Spine Pressing
Cutting Station

Hörauf 150 1980's Fully Autoamtic Labelling Machine for lever arch files
Hörauf Type 150

Production speed 60 pcs/min
working with cold glue

HERIMA KS 70 new Fully Automatic machine for the application of metal edges to lever arch files  

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Hang 150-20 2000 Fully automatic lever arch file assembling machine
Production speed + 40

Perondi AC 600/800 1998 Perondi Type AC 600/800 - Machine for inside lining.

Hörauf OKM 10 1997 Fully automatic lamination machine for one piece cases
working with cold glue
materials: Paper, PP and PVC

Kolbus SA 260 2011 Inside lining machine for covers, ring binders, lever arch files and

Perondi AC 600/900 1998 Machine for casemaking & inside lining.
Capacity: up to 45 cases/min
Case size min. 100 x 250 mm, max. 600 x 1200 mm

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